Putting Ads on WordPress

The easiest way to run ads is through Google AdSense. On the WordPress side, having a sidebar or top-bar that allows widgets (email signup, social sharing widgets, recent posts, etc.) makes it super easy to put ads on your site.

Once you have an AdSense account, you’ll be able to see a main dashboard as your home screen. Once here, you can see your ads by clicking on the “My Ads” Button at the top.

ads button

Once here, you can ad a new ad module by clicking on the “New ad unit” button.

new ad unit


When you click on this, you can choose the size the ad module will be on your site. Some are obviously sized to be banner ads that span the width of the screen, while others are sized to be on the sidebar. Google also indicates which modules are compatible with the mobile version of your website.

ad sizes

You also have the option to choose if you want Text ads, Image ads, or both. I usually just choose both.

Once you hit the “save and view code” button at the bottom, a pop up will show up that has the script for your ad to put on your website.

ad code

This is the code you’ll copy and paste into WordPress. On your wordpress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. On the right-hand side you’ll see the different sections of your site that allow widgets, and on the left are the different widgets that are available to put into the widget spaces.

widgets page

Drag the “Text” widget to the widget section you want your ad to be on. It will open up a popup that allows you to give your ad section a title, and then a text box to paste your ad code into. Note that some WordPress themes display the Title of the Widget above the content, so make sure to title it something that you don’t mind your viewers seeing. Above I named my section “You Might Be Interested”.

ad script

Then when you hit save, you’re good to go! To stack different modules on top of each other, don’t worry about adding more than one text widget. Just add all the scripts for your different ad modules one after the other in the same text widget, and they’ll appear one on top of the other.

Then in Google AdSense, you can monitor how your ads are doing in the “My Ads” Page. “New” means it has been created but hasn’t received any impressions yet. “Active” means it’s received new impressions in the last 7 days.

ads list

And there is a basic rundown of the easiest way to add advertisements to your wordpress page!


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